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Boyfriend-ish Shirt with flower patterns. Made of high quality cotton.

Comes in colorful designs.

Adjustable sleeves.

Super love the flare-ish design. Perfect to hide your tummy!

Available Colors:
Black & White(Sold)
Green & Brown (Sold)
Blue & Pink (Sold)
Black & Orange (Sold)

Bust - 49"
Hips - 60"
Arms - 17"
Shoulders - 17"
Length - 31"

Free Size. Recommended up to UK22!

Order Code: LBT 27


Boyfriend Shirt specially for plus sized! Suitable for everyday wear.
Pair it with leggings or jeans and you're good to go!

Made of superb quality, slightly sheer cotton.

Pockets on both side.

Adjustable sleeves. You can roll it up to 3/4 length.

Available Colors:
White (Sold Out)

Bust - 50"
Hips - 52"
Arms - 17"
Shoulders - 19"
Length - 31"

Recommended Size: Up to UK24!

RM 48 only!
Order Code: LBT 28


One of my favourite T-shirt so far!

Made of thin, sheer, stretchable cotton with love designs all over!
Model is wearing Sleeves Inner.

Relaxed fit T-shirt. Short sleeves.

Love love love the simple design!

Available Colors;
Pink (Sold Out)
Black (Sold Out)
Blue (Sold Out)

Bust - 48"
Arms- 18"
Length - 29"
Hips - 48"

Recommended up to UK18

RM 38 only!
Order Code: LBT30


One of my personal favourite!
Butterfly cutting cotton top with beautiful design!
Comes in vibrant colors. Don't you just love the color and the amazing design?

Mixture of kaftan style and butterfly cutting. Superb!

Flare sleeves.

The opening of the sleeves is covered as well.

Neckline details.

Available Colors;
please state color preferred e.g. "Color A"


Recommended Size: UK10 - UK22

RM 45
Order Code: LBT31


My favourite maxi!

Black & White Maxi Dress made of lightweight lycra material. Major love!

Superb cutting! V-necklines.

Unique Racer-back details. Smoked back.

Super stretchable. Recommended to wear with an inner.

Love love love the black & white designs! Very classy indeed! :)

I personally love the way the dress falls & flow on the body. It gives a superb slimming effect and hides unwanted "spare tyres". The material is super comfortable and hugs at the right places! Definitely a must-buy and worth every penny! ;)

Bust - Max 50"
Length - 56"

Recommended Size: UK 10 -UK20

RM70 only!
Order Code: LBM02


Spotted! Exact same design from Dorothy Perkins, selling for £30.00 :

Our version;
Floral maxi dress made of thin, non-sheer cotton in exciting colors
Ruffle skirts hemline at the bottom.

Smoked back. Definitely a plus!

Thin, adjustable straps.
You can adjust the length of the dress according to your heights.

3/4 body lining

Super love the design and the vibrant colors. Makes you stand out in a crowd!

Available Colors:
Purple (Sold Out)
Blue (Sold out)
Red (Sold out)

Bust - Max 48"
Length - 55"

Recommended Size: Up to UK22!

RM 59 only!
Order Code: LBM03


Trimmed with see-through crochet-net accents, this cotton shirt features a short sleeve style.

A relaxed-fit bodice, and a finished hem.
Model is wearing Sleeves Inner.

The square-ish neckline is delicately trimmed with see-through floral crochet designs.
Short sleeves.

Close-up on the crochet details.

Available Colors;
Black (Sold)
White (Sold)

Size XXL, Recommended up to UK18

RM30 only!
Order Code: LBT29



Sarah Jessica Parker rocking the newspaper print dress

Our Version;

Newspaper-print babydoll top with elastic waist

Very stretchable material

Comes with free clincher!

LOVE the print! You'll definitely stand out in a crowd
And hey! if you're bored, you can read your own top! Hehe..

Style it with cardigan for those who's not in favor of showing the arms!

Available Colors:
Black (Sold)
Pink (Sold)
Light Blue (Sold)
LightPurple (Sold)
Peach (Sold)
White (Sold)

Fits UK12 - UK18!

RM 33
Sale Price: RM29!
Order Code : LBT07



This Stripe Top is a simple way to amp up your casual style.
Comes with a free belt/clincher. A very good deal, i must say!
Made of stretchable material!

The stripes pattern gives off a nautical feel.

Grey & White Stripes
Almost turtle-neckline give a relaxed feel to this top.

Non-functional button details on the side added some edgy-ness!

Wear it with or without belt.
Without belt = Relax fit.

Available colors:

Grey & White Stripes (Sold)
Blue & Grey Stripes (Sold)
Black & White Stripes (Sold)

Recommended Size; Fits up to UK20!

RM 35
Order Code: LBT08


Remember our Paisley BF Shirt?
We got lots of positive feedback from our previous buyers, so we bring you something similar with slightly different designs ;)

Style it with a clincher for a more polished look...

...or wear it as it is for those oh-so-lazy days!

Made of thin sheer cotton. Perfect for our hot climate.
You are recommended to wear an inner due to sheer material.

Don't you just love the paisley designs, no?

Available colors;

Pink (Sold)
Orange (Sold)
Purple (Sold)
Blue (Sold)
Red (Sold)
Yellow (Sold)

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK24!!
(HK Size 52)

RM 39 only!
Order Code: LBT23


A formal wear for plus size babes!
Vertical stripes, buttoned down blouse.
Made of high quality, non sheer cotton.

Collar/Neckline details.

A lil' something extra at the waist.
Uber cute tie-it-yourself ribbon!

Sleeves details.
The sleeves are quite big therefore, it is very comfortable!

Available Colors:
Blue (Sold Out)
Red (Sold Out)
Gold (Sold Out)
Black (Sold Out)

Measurements (laid flat):
Shoulder - 43 cm
Length - 74 cm
Sleeves - 43 cm
Bust - 56 cm

Size 44
Recommended Size: UK14 - UK20!
(Check out the measurements to be sure!)

RM 49 only!
Order Code: LBT22


Another piece I personally love!
Easy as a summer breeze, this sleeveless tunic is covered with abstract vibrant prints!

Made of high quality soft material.
Pair it with leggings or wear it a dress. A versatile piece, no?

V-neckline details.

Comes with a free, matching sash.
Close up on the waistline.

Tie-it-yourself ribbon details on shoulder straps.

Full inner lining so it won't cling to the body.

Available Colors: (L-R)
Blue (Sold Out)
Pink (Sold Out)
Orange (Sold Out)

Measurements (laid flat):
Length - 78 cm
Bust - 49 cm
Waist - 80 cm

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK20!

RM 39
Order Code: LBT24


Combination of these two elements; Butterfly sleeves + Buttefly print

A short sleeve woven top featuring scallop laced trimming, a scoop neckline with fluttering butterfly prints, and a thin elasticized waist.

A portion of the unique open laced scalloped side trimming is stitched closed to the create the sleeves

Very very very elastic waist. Definitely a plus for curvy girls!

Love the flying butterflies effect and colors. Looks like a painting to me. :)

Available Colors:
Green (Sold Out)
Blue (Sold Out)

Green (Sold Out)

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 50cm
Waist - 55cm (after stretch)
Length - 68cm
Recommended Size; Fits up to UK20

RM35 only!
Order Code: LBT10


A light, stretchable cotton cardigan in solid colors!
Suitable for a basic everyday purpose.

Back view. Very stretchable.

Long sleeves, perfect for cover-ups!

Unbuttoned it for variety!

Close up on the buttons.

Available Colors:
Red (Sold)
Brown (Sold)
Light Grey (Sold)
Dark Grey (Sold)

Recommended Sizes; Fits up to UK16.
(If unbuttoned, can fit UK18 as well. Bust max 40".)

RM 33 only!
Order Code: LBC03


Another tunic u gotta love!
Made of stretchable, almost knit material. Thicker than the usual cotton.

The vertical print gives a lil' slimming effect.
Adjustable tie-up waist on the side.

Available Colors:
Orange (Sold Out)
Purple (Sold Out)
Red (Sold Out)

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK20!

RM 35 only!
Order Code: LBT17


As requested by many, I managed to bring in half bolero cardigan for plus sized.

Perfect for covering up but still show your inner outfit.
Another basic essential in your wardrobe.

Pair it with anything sleeveless.
Model is wearing Floral Tube Dress in brown color.

Brown color.
Back view.

Made of thick cotton and very very stretchable!


Available Colors: (clockwise)
Grey (Sold)
Brown (Sold)
White (Sold)
Black (Sold)

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK18

RM 33 only!
Order Code: LBC02


Searched high & low for the perfect pair of leggings? Search no more!
We managed to find high quality leggings for plus sized!

It is not sheer when worn and very comfortable!

Stretchable waist band!

Available in Black only.

Size XXL! Fits up to UK 20!

RM 25 only!
Order Code: LBL01


Ahh~ You're gonna love this!

Zipped front, smoked back, floral prints....Need I say more?

It comes with free black inner. However, the inner can only fit up to UK16.

Unzipped the front for more variety!

Cover up with inner or cardigan, up to you.

Smoked back so it's very stretchable!

Available Colors:
White (Sold)
Black (Sold)
Pink (Sold)
Blue (Sold)
Red (Sold)

Recommended Size: Fits up to small UK20!
(Free inner fits up to UK16)

RM 39 only!
Order Code: LBT16


Remember our Floral Tunic?
This piece has a similar cutting.

psst** Model is wearing Half Bolero Cardigan in Black!

Spice up your outfit with this colorful piece!

Functional pockets on the side.

Drapey, expandable sides gives tulip shape.
Petites can wear it as minidress.

Gotta love the vibrant colors!

Available Colors: (L to R)
Purple (Sold)
Red (Sold)
Blue (Sold)

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK18

RM38 only!
Order Code: LBT15


This is one of my favourite top!
Tube baby doll dress with cute flowery pattern
Each layer is trimmed with lace. Uber cute!

Very stretchable, thanks to the smoked back

Wear it with legging and cardigan & you're good to go.
Model is wearing Brown Half Bolero Cardigan selling for RM 33 only! *click*

Available Colors:
Brown (Sold)
Purple (Sold)
Blue (Sold)

Recommended Size: UK 10 - UK 22!

RM 33 only!
Order Code: LBT14


Remember our Spiral BF Shirt?
This is something similar but in bigger size & Paisley Prints!
Pair it with clincher & legging to give an oh-so-effortless look!

Wear it as it is for those lazy days ;)

Made of thin sheer cotton.
Love love love the paisley design!

Available colors;
Purple (Sold)
Pink (Sold)
Green (Sold)
Red (Sold)
Blue (Sold)

Recommended Size: Fits up to UK24!!
(HK Size 52)

RM 39 only!
Order Code: LBT13


Boyfriend Tee in Bubblegum Colors! Need I say more?

Love the spiral print!
Also recommended for muslimah as it is long sleeves.

Suitable for a shopping day out or even for class.
Pair it with leggings and you're good to go!

Close-up on the sleeves.
Roll up or roll it down, up to you!

Available Colors:
Pink (Sold Out)
Purple (Sold Out)

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 56cm
Waist - 60cm
Shoulders - 46cm
Length - 80cm

Size 46 only
Recommended Sizes; Fits up to UK20!

Order Code: LBT12


Add an edgy piece to your ensemble with our own version of studded top.

Almost 3/4 sleeves with cool studded design on the front along the upper bust.

The bottom of this top is actually non-symmetrical but its not too obvious when worn.
This top is made of thin, stretchable cotton. Very cooling!

U can play with the chains; let it loose in front like necklace or swoop it to the back! Versatile much!

Available Colors:
Blue (Sold)
Light Grey (Sold)
Dark Grey (Sold)
Black (Sold)

Recommended Size; UK10-UK18

RM 36
Order Code: LBT11



Add some mighty fierce prints to your look with our short sleeve top!

This scoop neck burnout tee is foiled with a fun leopard print.

Short sleeves and non-sheer, wear this cotton tee when you want to show off your inner predator.

Pair it with a cardigan for more polished look.

Amazing flare-ish neckline.

Available Colors:
Grey (Sold Out)
Pink (Sold Out)

Recommended Size; UK8-UK14

RM 39 only
Order Code: LBT10


Let's channel a Nicole Richie look,shall we?

Long Bohemian top with awesome print

Best paired with leggings for a more relax look

Made of chiffon-ish material so it is see through darlings!
Fret not, it comes with free black tube :)

Superduper comfortable!
Might come in handy for those dreaded bloated & lazy days ;)

Available Colors:
Blue (Sold Out)
Purple (Sold Out)
Pink (Sold Out)

Fits up to UK22!

RM30 only!
Sale Price: RM 25!
Order Code: LBT04


Almost tunic, butterfly sleeves, V-neck top


Notice the awesome V stripes? It gives a slimming effect yeahh!

Made of cooling, non-sheer, light cotton. Perfect for Malaysia's hot weather

Adore the V-neckline! Perfect for big bust women as it de-emphasize the bust ;)
Can be worn as office wear or a simple day out!

Available Colors;
Purple (Sold Out!)
Pink (Sold Out!)
Red (Sold Out!)
Blue (Sold Out!)

Fits up to UK20!

RM 40 only!
Order Code: LBT05


A must have in your wardrobe!


Our version;

Shawl collared, long sleeved cardigan made of very light weight material

Long drapery front elongates the body

Super stretchable material!

Style it with a clincher for a more clean, sophisticated look.

Laid back

This cardigan can be styled as a half cardigan with 4 easy steps as shown:


Available Colors:

Black (Sold Out!)
Purple ( Sold Out!)
Electric Blue (Sold Out!)
Grey (Sold Out!)

Purple (Sold Out!)

*not restockable anymore*

Measurements (laid flat):
Length (back) - 70cm
Length (front) - 104 cm
Shoulder to shoulder - 34 cm

Fits up to UK 22!

RM 45
Order code: LBC01


A sleeveless babydoll top that can be worn as it is!
Perfect to hide the tummy area.

For a less sexy look, cover up with a bolero or cardigan
You can also cover with an inner underlayer. This way, the strap is still visible.

Thanks to the veryyy stretchable bust, this top can fit up to UK22!

Our favorite part of this piece ; the one-of-a-kind braided strap!
Definitely not your usual spaghetti strap.

Back view

Available Colors:
Black (Sold Out!)
Purple (Sold Out!)
Brown (Sold Out!)

*the picture failed to do justice on how awesome this top is!*

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 40cm (before stretch)
Length - 72cm

Fits up to UK20

RM29 only
Order Code : LBT03


Drapey side pockets + Tie-dyeish prints

Combine these 2 elements aaannndd....
you'll get this!
Made of light weight, very stretchable, cooling material.

"Tie-dye? But not exactly. A mix like this is something we'd like to try out."
- Quoted from A Shopaholic's Den

Close-up on the floral prints
Drape pocket on both sides that creates a tulip silhouette!

Functional side pocket

Pair it with our very own Long Drape Cardigan for a more polished look

Available colors:
Green (Sold Out!)
Purple (Sold Out!)
Red (Sold Out!)

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 50cm
Hips - 64cm
Shoulder -40cm
Length - 80cm

Fits up to UK18!

RM 35 only!
Order Code: LBT02


H&M Peacock blouse on Nicky Hilton & Katy Perry

Our version;
A unique V-neck peacock blouse featuring flutter sleeves which taper down to the waist

The cut is similar to this ;

Peacock Prints + Butterfly Cutting = Awesome!

Close-up on the side & sleeve
Love the sleeves! It hides unwanted flabby arms


It comes with a matching sash waist tie

Available Colors:
White (Sold Out!)
Black (Sold Out!)
Blue (Sold Out!)

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 52cm
Hips - 57cm
Shoulder to shoulder - 50cm
Length - 79cm

Fits UK10 - small UK18
(also recommended for petites, to wear as a dress)

RM 39 only!
Code: LBT01

♥MAXI 101♥

We bring you Maxi 101!

Suitable for day & night
Hugs your curve at the right places!

Love love love the prints. Very different from what we always see.
Superb material! Not the typical lycra, cling-to-body materials!

Smoked back. Defintely a plus for curvy girls!

Available Colors:
Light Blue 
(Sold Out!)
Royal Blue (Sold Out!)
Green (1 Sold1 Available)

Measurements (laid flat):
Bust - 38cm (before stretch)
Length - 140cm

Fits UK10 - UK18

RM49 only!
Sale Price: RM 45 only!

Order code: LBM01

*This maxi is a very interesting piece. It can fit smaller frames as well as plus sizes! For plus sized, I know you're worried if it won't look as good as if it is worn by smaller size. Fret not, it looks good on any sizes! It won't look stretched or unfitting if worn by plus size. Trust me, you'll love this as much as I do. ;)

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