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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello Twit Hello


#1 - For easier viewing, I've moved all sold out items to the SOLD OUT tab. I understand how annoying it is to scroll down to sold out items. Everything in HOME tab are available. ;)

#2 - Postage will be done on Monday & Thursday only. Unless told otherwise. So, plan your purchases darlings! :)

#3 - Don't forget to:
- Be our fan at Facebook!
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- Subscribe to us!
- Spread the words about us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Heyya babes! Welcome to Lalina Boutique!

We are a new blogshop selling clothes that can fit up to UK22!
This is our first update and hopefully there's more to come.
Every item is carefully handpicked with love and everything sold here is definitely what we would wear...
So, you can rely on us to provide you the latest in trends and high quality clothes at affordable prices!
Show us your support by purchasing or simply drop us any comments/suggestions.

Feel free to browse through our items. If you spot anything u like, fill in the order form at the side and don't forget to read our T&C as well !

Thanks and hope to hear from all of you soooon!