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Hi Lalina, just received your parcel.
Really like the sleeves inner..hope to have it in other colours too..
Tq again.
-Noor Faiza

received ur parcel today . Nice doing business with you.
Thank you

Dh received semalam petang..sgt2 suke…thanks a lot

hi lalina,
i already rcvd the partial. the dress really suit for me.
the material oso comfortable.
tks dear
-Rafidzah Adam

hai i br je ambik dress. dress tu i muat.nice. but i need to wear with kain dalam coz im wearing tudung n cardigan labuh. the flow bhgn bwh cntk tqvm
-Natasha Chin

Got the skirt already! :) my mom loves it, it reached me house on Tuesday bt I twas not at home so I went n get it at the post office on Wednesday :)
thank you so much

hey. i already got the maxi dress. its fit me perfectly. thank you. i love it so so much :)
-Dianna Redzuan

Hi Lina,
I've received it.
Thanks ya. I like it a lot.
Do bring in more wonderful clothes :)
-Erica Gan

dah dapat legging!
cantik n the material lembut jer...
tq ;D
-Ilyani Malek

dear lalina....
oredy received ur parcel..... zillllionzzzzz of thanx.... hehehehehe...... dun 4get to update me tau..... ;P


Hi Lina,
I've received the item already, thanks.  Very nice material, very comfy... I like...
I still want the grey one if you, by any chance ordered that colour in the future... just message me to inform ya...
It was a pleasure dealing with you too...
Thanks dear...

I already received my packages. Thanks for the super fast posting :)
The legging is great..it fits me nicely. I like the material cause it's soft but at the same time it thick, so even when the legging is stretch out it does not sheer. 
thanks for it

I got it.. thank you and it fit me well
-Dewi Anis

Hye sis lina,
Just to inform you ,I have receive the dress this morning.The dress is nice..i love it.. 
Thank u so much..
-Amalina H.

Hi Lalina,
I have received the parcel today. Suke sgt dgn skirt tue! Top quality from you. Well, I think its worth it to wait for so long. 
-Siti Hasmah

dear, i have received my parcel n i love it! thanx ya...
-Dyna Dyla

heya dear, i alrdy received the item on saturday. Both were very gorgeous. Thanx a lot honey!

hello dear,
u r most welcome...
so happy to shop with you..
do update more, I'll stick around and will always visit ur blog :)
tc n hav a nice day.
-Ilyani M.

Hi dear,
received my parcel already. I love the leggings so much and the cardi is super cute.
Material wise: good quality.
Thanks ya dear :)
-Dayang Salena

hi i've already received the item. actually the item was for my aunt and she loves it. :)
-Debbie Lo

hye dear,
i just received my item (Cotton Black Maxi - LBM04). dapat terus tried on.
truly said, of all the things that i bought online, yours is the best!
i bought many dresses, but either it is too short, too tight, not the material as they stated, or too expensive for that kind of material.
but you, i really really am satisfied with the dress.
-PERFECT LENGTH (as i'm 172cm tall)
definitely i will buy more items from you. as for suggestion, could please bring this kind of dress, especially knee length, long dress and cottonmaterial.im so happy to have an online shop like yours in the blogsphere.
thanks for the kind service!!

Hi lina! The parcel have been received in very well condition. The palazzos was nice too. Tqvm. Hope can shop from u again. :)
-Qilla Dyana

Hi Babe!
Just received my parcel. Everything is in superb condition. Fits me great. Not the mention the quality is real good.

Dear Lina,
I've received the item in perfect condition and best of all it fits perfectly, never thought i could look so good in a maxi skirt ever hehehe..
Thank u so much babe. bring more awesome stuff aite.

Hi Lina,
I've received the item already, thanks.  Very nice material, very comfy... I like...
I still want the grey one if you, by any chance ordered that colour in the future... just message me to inform ya...
It was a pleasure dealing with you too...
Thanks dear...

Hi babe,
Got the dress. It's awesome. Thanks much!

hi lalina..sorry sbab lmbt bg feedback bout skirt n maxi dress yg i beli ngan u.. mmg sangat2 puas hati sebab material sgt2lah elok n sdap ,selesa time pakai.. kalo awk nk gmbr skirt n maxi dress saya pakai pon bole.. bole gne utk promote :-)
anyway, saya rse saya nak order lg la skirt n maxi dress tu.. maxi dress tu xde kaler laen ke slain hitam? saya dah promote kat kawan.. n dier beli ngan u smalam.. dier order n buat payment smalam..nama nurradiyah... nnti i promote kt kawan2 laen lak er..

hi there,
Received the two dresses last Friday... good quality materials, I'm satisfied with my purchase since I got what I expected items to be :)
Thanks... :) 

hello. i already get my parcel today. im so soryy kalau i mcm kelam kabut sikit. ehehe.ylaa.risau kan zaman skrg ni. btw.. i love both items. the length of the maxi dress fit perfectly. suka sangat. i guarantee i akan pki baju tu berulang kali. :D thank you thank you. 
-Haizan Husaini

Hye lina~ received your parcel yesterday! Thx alot! I loved it. 
Kindly inform me if you hv more in stock k. 
Thx again!

Hi dear!

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful maxi dress! It fits me well, albeit a little long (need to wear heels) but who cares when people can't stop saying how good I look in it! I also love how versatile the dress is if you pair it with the right accessories, it can be classy, formal or casual! But my favorite part about the dress is the PRICE TAG! A VERY reasonable price for a VERY gorgeous dress! Thanks Lalina Boutique!

- Alia S.

i'm so in love with the skirt..
although it is a bit loose on my waist, but it is ok..
so flowy...
can't wait to wear it to office!!:)


i am totally in love with the maxi. i love the drapes and the flows so much and how it accentuate my figure! if you have it in other colors as well, please let me know!
thank you lalina! sorry for the late reply because i was busy setting my online fabric store. we are going live at www.wrapbydyanahanni.blogspot.com take a look around whenever you're free ;)
nice doing business with you!

Received my stuff. Very comfortable! Thanx!

-Intan Syafinaz

anyway the maxi fits really nicely. i dont need to shorten at all. love it!! thanks :)

Hi dear.
I just received d dress! Luv it! Length is perfect too!

-Nadiah Azmi

Hi there!
Got my parcel today .... looovvveeeeee the maxi skirt to bits!!  Thanks yeah!

Hello dear,
I dah dapat skirt. Omg.. I'm in lurve.. perfect size, good quality fabric and it makes me feel very very very comfortable wearing it. It makes me look slim yet elegant and i can pair with almost everything. I never wear long skirts before coz I'm afraid that i will end up looking like "makcik2" but I think i can "rock" this one. Thanks a lot dear.
-Irdawaty, Kuantan

babe, i received the blazer today. balik2 kerja tgk dah ade.
i da try, n it fit me well. yayyy. it was so comfy to wear.
and i cant wait to wear it tomorrow. for sure some of my colleague will be jealous.
lol. thanx babe for selling cool stuff. and i hope there's more lots to come.
good luck.

hye dear.
i've received the parcel ady.
thanx. :)

btw, i'm sooooooooooooo in love with it.
very nice. thanks a lot! :) ♥

-Atiqah Radzak

Sorry for the late :)
I've received them and love them ^_^ Thanks ~

-Melody Love Fashion

hi Lina, received the tapered pants! I LOVE IT and it's just the exact colour in my head.. :) but then a lil loose.. but man, i love it :)

already get the blazer.. love it!
thank you very much dear... =))
-Lyna Nyna

Yes... i have received it on saturday... like it, tapi labuh skit... :-) Nak kena alter skit baru boleh melaram...
Thank you. 

-Fairus Zana

ok..already received d blouse n maxi skirt. really in love wif d blouse! cant wait to wear it for work. pair it wif black maxi skirt n there is a sophisticated look! thx babe! stil looking for ofc blouse collections fr. u..
-Siti Sarah

Hi dear,
I already received the parcel today. Tq so much :)
Hope you can come out with more collection!

-Siti Hasmah

hi dear,
i already received parcel today.the dress is gorgeous and very nice.i was so happy.

I've received the skirt today. I'm very satisfied. Thank you :)

dh dpt skirt tue... suke sgt... ade lg x??? 
-Siti Zuraida

hiii dear...
kindly received the cotton black maxi...
really satisfied wif the clothes... TQVM  
-Izyan Farhana
i dh try sgt selesa lembut and jatuh je bile pakai. even though my tummy dh besar (im 8 mths pregnant) hehhe. nt update lg baju yg bes2 k. thx 
-Izzatul Ikmal

Hi Lina,
I got the pants on Tuesday.
But im only wearing them today.
I love it!
its very comfy and length is just nice for me :).

Dear Lina,

Thank you very much dear. I have received the black cotton maxi dress and belt yesterday. Surprisingly the cotton material is thick and heavy and it flows just nicely. The length of the dress fit perfectly. A great combo with the vintage skinny belt that I bought from Lalina Boutique. Hope to see more great collection from u. Have a great success ahead. Go girl power. =)))
-Liyana Lee

Dear Lina... i nearly forgot. received the parcel on Friday...thanks a million.
-Siti Nurhafnie

Hai sis..
Baju saya tu baru je sampai tadi..Happy sgt!thanks..love the dress so much..


hye...i already received the parcel....i really2 like it......thnx dear...

I have receive my skirts. I love it very much. Nice dealing with you. Thanks ! ^_^

dear lalina boutique,
thank u..the parcel arrived nicely today.the product is sweet ;)
-Nor Faizah

hye...sy dh dpt bju tu thanks ye...cntik sgt...
-Siti Fatimah Zawawi

received ur parcel. thanks. satisfied n looking forward to other pants from ur blog.. =)

Salam Lalina Boutique...
dah r'ced ur parcel ...in good condition...tq...suka sgt...sorry lmbt reply ...
-Afrida Ari

Hi dear,

I've finally finished my exams! :)
So, the inner is AWEEEESOMEEE!!! =D 5 star for it :)
It's simple and easy to wear and very very convenient =)
It can fit in anything, doesnt really matter if I'm wearing a white blouse or just a tee, coz if Im wearing a full inner, you can see through the clothes especially if its a black full inner but this is super great <3

Thanks darl!! <3


Ya i love ittttttttttttttttttttttt (^^,)

hai dear,sudah terima i realy luv it..tq so much ya...
-Nurleila Aziz

Yeah, already got the item.
it gorgeous...
Thank you so much..
i really love to deal with you again.

-Nurizzati Baharudin

sori terlupe nk bgtau,.,...dh sampai..tq...cntek..after this kalo beli lg boleh dpt disct la ..hehehehe
-Mira Munira

Babe, received the BF shirt. No regrets buying a 3rd one. LOVE IT! Thanks again hun!

hye sis..thanx lotz..got those items already..
nice to deal with u..
-Azera Zainudin


received the items dah....im really2 happy!! like it so much. as im a breastfeeding mom, the bf shirt suits me so well. thanx to lalina butik, i will sure buy more from u in the future... :)


-Fi Hazzareen

Sorry, I was so busy with work.
Yeah, already got the item on Friday~
I love it ^_^
Thank you so much..
I would love to deal with you again. 
Take care ^^
-Nur Asyura

Babe, received my shirts! LOVE THEM! I have the exact same thing in a dark blue shade, from the same brand! And the other blogshop  charged me like RM 50 for 1 piece! Sooo glad i was tamak and purchased 3 from you! :D
- Laveena

Hi, I received the clothes today. Very nice...didn't know it comes with an inner piece. Love it! Thanks.
- Jackie Lee

I received the item yesterday. thanks. suka sgt2 
- Nurul Husna

received my parcel today and tried the inner. very nice. pandai org yg cipta benda tu kan? hope you can offer more long skirts at your shop. A line shape perhaps?
- Noor Haryani

hello there..i've received the item last saturday..sorry for the late reply since i'm having problem with the internet....anyway, all items in good condition and i like it very much..
- Khatijah

Hi there,
Received the items yesterday and love it!!
Thank you..
- Adyani Aziz

Items well received. Love the shirt n the basic inner sleeve is brilliant.
 will shop more frm u. Pls kep the good stuff coming specially for plus size..
 thank u

- Shima Azizi

Dear Lina..
I've received ur parcel already..it's fit me well n i really2 luv it!! 
Actually dh lama cari something like sleeves inner tu..now i dh dpt..jumpa kat blog u..hehe
Thanks for it..Awesome! hope to see more from ur blog.. 

- Erniyanty on Basic Inner Sleeves.

thanks babe...i've recieved the dress..its gorgeous!!thanks alot yaaa
- Anna Johari

Hi dear,
I've received the parcel on Friday morning already. :)  I'm down with food poisoning hence the delay in replying your e-mail.
Thanks a lot, i really love the sleeves. :) Hope it will come in other colors too

- Azreen Ismail on Basic Inner Sleeves.

"Heyyy I love the item. But is it available with smaller size cause its quite big actually.
But I love the idea of wearing the sleeves rather than wearing 2 pieces. :)"

"I've received ur parcel..
I love the shirt a lot..
no regrets..
Love shopping with u..
Thanks a lot ya! =))"
-Najwa Naj Amran

"Hi lina..
Just received the parcel..hehe
Muat la..tgk mcm kck je,haha tp muat..
Like it..siap test pakai dgn bj lg..hehe!
Thanks lina puas hati sgt..later go to ur blog n i'll give my comment.."

I received the item yesterday.. Thanx so much!!! Really love it.. :) thanx for the cute lil note too.. Hope to see more awesome items at site in the future.:)"
-Ezanie Ismail

"hi dear....
i've received the parcel just now.....


"Hello! :)
This is to inform you I got the package today. A great piece and easy to wear thanks to your instructions on site ..
Love it! :)"

"I dh dpt bju..cantik sgt. Thanks dear..lpas ni if ad stock bru, update i k.."
-Nor Syafiqa Hidayah

"received this one too....memang cantik...baju ni agak besar for me ...thankss :) "
-Ratna Sari on Flower Big Blouse


i received your parcel this afternoon..thanks! i really love this see-through crochetnet cotton shirt..it fits me just nice ;)"
-Ratna Sari on Ethnic Crochet Top

"Hye Lina..

dah dapat dah baju tu..thanx!!"


alrdy received my top..
niceee ;)
tq n tq for the sweet notes n lil gift.
really appreciate it!
keep updating wif more clothes n i'm sure gonna purchase with u.
cherers =)"
-Ilyani Malek

"My Dear,

I have received the item.
Thank you so muchhhh..

"Hey dear..
Thanks a lot..
I've receive the parcel..
Thanks for the free gift..
The half bolero is superb..
like it a lot..
Thanks again..=))"
- Najwa Amran

"Saya dah dapat cardigan tu..Terima kasih...Kain die lembt sgt,selesa pkai.. :)"
- Nazirah

I have received the blouse today. I like it very much. Thanks a lot!
Hope that you can bring in more affordable working attire for the plus size."
-Tsu Chin

"Hi Lalina,
Received the half bolero yesterday! It's really nice and comfy! Thank you!
Best wishes"
- Lingzie

"Hi,got my parcel!Just love my cardi n blouse!Thanks!"
Joan Jaslin

"Hi..hi..hi..Lina..i'm so happy..i've received already..afternoon!OMG it really fits me..i'm so glad i can wear it..thank u so much!from now on i'll look forward what will u put in ur boutique..hehe!thanks lina!!

Hehe..really really like it!damned..ok..as u say so..hehe!no problem u deserved it..keep in touch!one more thing, once u update new clothing please tell me..ok!lots of luv!"
-Suhaila Sulaiman

"babe, baju tu dah sampai. Thanks so much. If ada stock baru, please do tell me yah..thanks :)"
Ratna Sari Dewi

"Dear, I da dpt the blouse td ;) My sister really likes it. Thaaaaaaaaaanx ;D

Expect yourself to hear from us again :D
Possibly near Syawal ;p "
-Sharifah Fatimah on Puffy Fomal Blouse

I forgot to tell you that I've received the parcel..love the legging so much!!
Worth to wait..if you carry another color or u take order pls count me in..
The boyfriend shirt also gorgeous..

"Sis, i just received the parcel. Love much :-D i ingat tak miat, but muat sgt dkat i. If update a new inform ya. N i love ur service :-) tengs alot ;-)

"Babe!!! i rcvd my parcel today! love love love it!!!!esp the white purple floral top.bit tight on the bust but still love it very very very much.a bit slimming hehee.thanks a lot babe! sure will order from u again :) xx"
Noorul from Brunei

"received the package today..the blouse is lovely :D!! Rasa nak order satu lagi"
- Emily on V Stripes

" hi dear...received the items 2day..nk order pink plak...tq...so nice..."
-Norliana on V Stripes

"i juz rcv the l0ng drape cardigan..lurve it..thanks dear.."

"its hard to find maxi for me. however, i love your maxi coz the length fits me perfectly as i am tall. the material is also very cooling & light. It also makes me look thin!"
- Sherry on Maxi 101

"I like it! Hopefully it wouldn't stretch after washing lol.
It was nice dealing with you.
Thanks and have a nice week ahead."

- Adeline on Floral Tunic

ive already received my parcel last saturday. i straight away fell in love when i saw the color. it is soo vibrant. the fabric gives the cooling effect.
im loving it dear! thank u soo much!
cant wait for ur next update. =)))
- Liyana on Peacock Blouse

"i really2 like the stuff!
it is sooooo beautiful n fits me perfectly!
looking forward to see another collection from u!
thank you! ;)"- Khairunnadia on Peacock Blouse & Floral Tunic

"Love the top! And thanks for taking the extra effort in dropping it off! Keep it up!"
- Jaclyn on Greek Goddess